7th Annual Diversity Dinner- May 25th, 2024


The Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation (CCKF) is thrilled to announce the resounding success of our 7th Annual Diversity Dinner held in 2024! 🎉🌍

This year’s event was truly exceptional, showcasing the vibrant diversity and unity that defines Kingston. Attendees from various cultural backgrounds came together to share their unique traditions, delicious cuisines, and inspiring stories, creating an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion.

Highlights of the Evening:

  • Incredible Engagement: The evening was filled with lively conversations and meaningful interactions. Guests had the opportunity to connect, learn from each other, and celebrate our shared values.
  • Cultural Performances: We were delighted to witness captivating performances that highlighted the rich cultural heritage of our community. From traditional dances to musical showcases, the talent on display was truly mesmerizing.
  • Delicious Cuisine: A feast of diverse culinary delights was enjoyed by all, representing the flavours and traditions of our multicultural community.
  • Inspirational Speakers: Esteemed speakers shared powerful messages about the importance of inclusivity, equity, and unity, inspiring all attendees to continue fostering a welcoming environment in Kingston.

A special thank you goes to Jimmy Hassan for his exceptional efforts in organizing this remarkable event. Your dedication and hard work ensured that the Diversity Dinner was a night to remember. 🙌👏

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this event. Your participation and enthusiasm exemplify the spirit of community that CCKF strives to nurture.

As we look forward to future events, we remain committed to promoting inclusivity and celebrating the beautiful diversity that enriches our city. Stay tuned for more initiatives and opportunities to get involved with CCKF.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more inclusive and united Kingston!

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Annual Diversity Dinner – May 27th, 2023

The Diversity Dinner is an annual event held by the CCKF to serve as an act of gratitude to Kingston and build a platform for communities to share their cultures and ideas. Kingston has given all of us many things to be grateful for, more than just the land we stand on. It has given us an opportunity, community, a place in the world, friends, family, and things to be passionate about to name just a few of the near-endless list. The purpose of hosting a dinner event then is to try and give something back and share in our thankfulness for the city and community by bringing together many people for a night to enjoy.

There is also a grander intention, an overall goal that this idea was built from. Canada is such a diverse country and Kingston is a leader in multiculturalism, but many communities are very self-contained. While they share their culture and traditions, it can be hard to see faces from beyond the community. The Diversity Dinner’s main aim is to provide a platform for all these communities to come together and share what makes them unique. For members and leaders to put their heads together, give ideas, and learn more about their fellow Kingstonains, together.

Project Red Rose – Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing it with the people and world around you.  Often we celebrate this day and many times in life with our loved ones, families and friends. But during those, we often forget the people who live around us. People who face challenges, and have no one to turn to, no one to show them the love and support they need. Those who may not be our friends but are part of the bigger Kingston family. We forget them and fail to think about how they need us, but we need to celebrate with them from time to time as well.

That is what Project Red Rose is all about. We work with local organizations to provide meals and a show of compassion to the homeless, one bite at a time. Many of these associations are continuously helping marginalized individuals in the Kingston community to make sure people are supported and most importantly fed. It is up to the generosity of the community to ensure these groups can continue to operate year around, so the CCKF is doing their part every Valentine’s Day to share the love with people who may need it the most.

Annual Blanket Drive – New Years 2023

As the winter season begins to sweep over the city, snow and ice pelt all who step foot outside. Thankfully, many of us can step inside for warmth and shelter from the elements, but what about the people who have no home, no place to protect themselves? With such frigid temperatures, and at times raging storms, winter is dangerous for the homeless population in the city. The cold can result in pain, sickness, and conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite, with nothing to block wind or snow from damaging tents or clothes if they are not designed for that weather.

The CCKF is committed to lending a hand to our friends and fellow Kingstonians, with the help of the good citizens of the city. Every year, as it gets colder near the end of the year, is the annual blanket drive. We collect donations from friends and good samaritans around the city in order to buy new, high-quality blankets to give out to the homeless in Kingston. Every year, over 100 blankets have been donated, and each year that number is increasing in order to give the vulnerable in Kingston the warmth they need to brave the cold weather of winter.

Project Santa Slices – Christmas 2022 and New Year’s 2023

The holiday season is a time of generosity and compassion. The spirit of giving is strong at the end of the year, and with the busy days leading up to Christmas and the New Year, the people who are disadvantaged still need our help as much as ever. At this time of year, food security can be at its most volatile, as people are preparing for large family meals, it leaves less for those who may need help to afford having their own feasts on the table. Nobody deserves to be cold and on an empty stomach at this time, so we must not forget our friends who need our support and do our part so that everyone can feel the holiday joy with warm and full bellies.

Thus, every holiday season starting from 2018, we are partnering up with multiple local charities and non-profits in order to provide pizza slices, through a sponsorship from the Pizza Pizza 705 franchise, to those struggling to find food security in these times. This year, we were able to give out over 800 slices to non-profits including:
– Lunch By George
– St. Vince DePaul Society
– Martha’s Table
– Dawn House
– Kingston Interval House
– Elizabeth Fry Transitional Housing
– Tipi Moza Iron Homes
– Lily House

And many winter shelters, and youth shelters in Kingston.