Project Red Rose – Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing it with the people and world around you.  Often we celebrate this day and many times in life with our loved ones, families and friends. But during those, we often forget the people who live around us. People who face challenges, and have no one to turn to, no one to show them the love and support they need. Those who may not be our friends but are part of the bigger Kingston family. We forget them and fail to think about how they need us, but we need to celebrate with them from time to time as well.

That is what Project Red Rose is all about. We work with local organizations to provide meals and a show of compassion to the homeless, one bite at a time. Many of these associations are continuously helping marginalized individuals in the Kingston community to make sure people are supported and most importantly fed. It is up to the generosity of the community to ensure these groups can continue to operate year around, so the CCKF is doing their part every Valentine’s Day to share the love with people who may need it the most.