Annual Blanket Drive – New Years 2023

As the winter season begins to sweep over the city, snow and ice pelt all who step foot outside. Thankfully, many of us can step inside for warmth and shelter from the elements, but what about the people who have no home, no place to protect themselves? With such frigid temperatures, and at times raging storms, winter is dangerous for the homeless population in the city. The cold can result in pain, sickness, and conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite, with nothing to block wind or snow from damaging tents or clothes if they are not designed for that weather.

The CCKF is committed to lending a hand to our friends and fellow Kingstonians, with the help of the good citizens of the city. Every year, as it gets colder near the end of the year, is the annual blanket drive. We collect donations from friends and good samaritans around the city in order to buy new, high-quality blankets to give out to the homeless in Kingston. Every year, over 100 blankets have been donated, and each year that number is increasing in order to give the vulnerable in Kingston the warmth they need to brave the cold weather of winter.