Annual Diversity Dinner – May 27th, 2023

The Diversity Dinner is an annual event held by the CCKF to serve as an act of gratitude to Kingston and build a platform for communities to share their cultures and ideas. Kingston has given all of us many things to be grateful for, more than just the land we stand on. It has given us an opportunity, community, a place in the world, friends, family, and things to be passionate about to name just a few of the near-endless list. The purpose of hosting a dinner event then is to try and give something back and share in our thankfulness for the city and community by bringing together many people for a night to enjoy.

There is also a grander intention, an overall goal that this idea was built from. Canada is such a diverse country and Kingston is a leader in multiculturalism, but many communities are very self-contained. While they share their culture and traditions, it can be hard to see faces from beyond the community. The Diversity Dinner’s main aim is to provide a platform for all these communities to come together and share what makes them unique. For members and leaders to put their heads together, give ideas, and learn more about their fellow Kingstonains, together.