All Candidates Town Hall

The Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation hosted our first All Candidates Town Hall on September 12, 2021. Instead of a debate, this event invited the political candidates for the 2021 Federal Election together to discuss how their respective platforms will support Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) as well as other underrepresented groups in Canada and our community. 

Canadian Colours of Kingston Foundation was created to bring different cultures, mindsets and backgrounds together to foster understanding and communication and embrace change to create a diverse and inclusive community. We believe this responsibility also lies with educating and understanding not only our community members, but also our politicians about the issues being faced in our community. This event will provide an opportunity for candidates to discuss how their platforms will support the BIPOC and underrepresented communities over the next four years and get a chance to hear from some of the underrepresented groups in Kingston.  

The Candidates and Their Platforms:

View the full town hall discussion from YourTV below: