Project Red Rose Returns for 2022!

Celebrating Humanity and Spreading Love with Project Red Rose this Valentine’s Day

KINGSTON, ONTARIO, February 14th – Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation (CCKF) continues 5th annual Project Red Rose, an event that partners with organizations that support marginalized members of the community to make a meal available to people during Valentine’s Day.

Canadian Colours of Kingston Foundation was created to bring our different cultures together and to foster understanding and communication, by changing the narrative and understanding of what true diversity is. Project Red stands by this mission and wants to bring unity among the Kingston community on Valentine’s Day.  

Prior to COVID-19, Project Red Rose offered a full-course Valentine’s Day meal. Due to restrictions, CCFK has partnered with Pizza Pizza 705 on Bath Rd. to spread the love on Valentine’s Day, one slice at a time. This year, CCKF aims to feed over 500 Kingstonians on Monday (February 14th) through Martha’s Table, St. Vincent De Paul & Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston and through Dawn House and Lunch by George on Tuesday (February 15th). 

“These associations, and many others in Kingston, are continuously helping marginalized individuals in the Kingston community to make sure people are supported and most importantly fed. It is up to the generosity of the community to ensure these groups can continue to operate year around,” says CCFK President, Jimmy Hassan. “I am happy that CCFK can help raise awareness about the resources available with initiatives such as this.”

Consider spreading the love yourself, and assist or donate, to any one of these wonderful organizations. These associations are constantly helping individuals in the Kingston community, and would welcome support from others wanting to contribute. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation to all. Let’s all spread the love together this Valentine’s Day, and all the days following. 


About Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation

Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to encourage and promote diversity within Kingston. CCKF believes that diversity shouldn’t contradict Canadian values and true diversity is non-political, colour blind, and that everyone should be treated equally. CCKF was created to bring our different cultures together and to foster understanding and communication, by changing the narrative and understanding of diversity.


About Martha’s Table Kingston

Martha’s Table is a community centre that provides a comforting place where people in need can have a loving meal and find social support within the community of volunteers and friends. 


About St. Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul offers a hot meal during lunch, five days a week and all year long. They provide a WearHouse which supplies free household items and clothing to those who visit. Lastly, they offer an Emergency Food Pantry to aid those in the community who are short on food supplies. 


About Lunch by George

Lunch by George coordinates resources to provide food and clothing to the vulnerable and extend financial support to charitable agencies that serve children and/or abused women in the City of Kingston. 


About Dawn House Kingston

Dawn House Kingston is a local charity supporting and empowering homeless, vulnerably housed, and marginalized women living in poverty. The organization currently provides affordable supportive housing, transitional housing, and wellness supports. 


About Elizabeth Fry Society Kingston

Elizabeth Fry Society Kingston is an organization which empowers women through community outreach, social justice services, and affordable housing.