Annual Diversity Community Dinner

Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation’s Diversity Community Dinner is an annual event held to bring together Kingston’s ethnic, religious and cultural groups. First held in 2015, the annual dinner hosts the local Chinese, Filipino, African, Caribbean, Pakistani, Islamic, Irish and Ukrainian communities and welcomes all others to attend.

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No upcoming Diversity Dinners are planned. Please stay tuned for updates!

CCKF Blanket Drive 2021

In support of McMullen Manor residents after the devastating effects of a fire at the centre, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on the community, Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation organized a community blanket drive to support those experiencing homelesses and for those in need.

“Job loss, reduced hours, pay cuts, the physical and mental health challenges of this pandemic are contributing to an increase in those facing homelessness,” said Jimmy Hassan, Founder of Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation. “People are struggling and for those with nowhere to turn – the harsh winter months make being homeless that much harder. “

CCKF is proud to say that our inaugural blanket drive produced 100 new blankets during the 2021 campaign. 

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Project Red Rose

In association with Martha’s Table, Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation gathered the community to offer “Project Red Rose”, a full-course Valentine’s Day meal for Martha’s Table visitors. 

“Often we celebrate many days and many times in life with our loved ones, families and friends,” Jimmy Hassan, Founder of Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation said. “During those times and the celebrations, we often forget those people who live around us who are not our friends but they’re part of a bigger part of the Kingston family and we forget them. We fail to think that they need us out there. We need to celebrate with them from time to time as well.”

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