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  • Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement

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About Us


The history of the beautiful city of Kingston is as diverse as the people that now call it home. It was originally a French trading post named Cataraqui and only became known as Kingston when the British took over in the mid-eighteenth century. From those earliest days, Kingston has always been a great example of what it means to be Canadian and the cultural diversity that flows from that identity. Back then there were just three distinct cultures in the mix, but that’s been growing and evolving ever since, and the old city located at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and the mouth of the Cataraqui River is now a fine example of the cultural diversity that makes Canada so strong.

The Canadian Colours of Kingston Foundation aims to continue to encourage and promote the diversity that has made Kingston such a great place to live for all Canadians. We believe that diversity shouldn’t contradict Canadian values and true diversity is non-political, totally colour blind, and does not believe in anyone being superior to another everyone is a human being and equal. In fact, the diverse cultures and religions that make up our great city should be a source of strength. There’s no reason that we can’t encourage individual cultural differences without losing sight of our Canadian values. We created the Canadian Colours of Kingston Foundation to bring our different cultures together and to foster understanding and communication, by changing the narrative and understanding of what true diversity is.

Our Mission

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  • Acceptance and Understanding

    Acceptance and understanding of different ethnic, cultural...

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  • Learning and Growing with History

    All of us have our own history...

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  • A Forum for Guidance

    When you first arrive in a new...

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  • The Path Forward

    One of the great things about Canada...

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Diversity Dinners & Community Functions

Diversity Dinners – 2016 to 2018
10 9 Diversity Dinner 2018 8140 4 13 8 Diversity Dinner 2018 8160 Diversity Dinner 2018 8176 Diversity Dinner 2018 8563 Diversity Dinner 2018 8595 Diversity Dinner 2018 8581 26 18 Diversity Dinner 2018 8371 Diversity Dinner 2018 8364 Diversity Dinner 2018 8420 Diversity Dinner 2018 8428 Diversity Dinner 2018 8397 Diversity Dinner 2018 8413 Diversity Dinner 2018 8368 Diversity Dinner 2018 8264 Diversity Dinner 2018 8450 Diversity Dinner 2018 8231 Diversity Dinner 2018 8465 Diversity Dinner 2018 8252 Diversity Dinner 2018 8456 Diversity Dinner 2018 8286 Diversity Dinner 2018 8460 Diversity Dinner 2018 8320 Diversity Dinner 2018 8442
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Upcoming Events & Notices

Article about Project Red Rose, Valentine’s Day dinner for people in need by CCKF

Breaking bread builds bridges


Read all about CCKF’s Blanket Drive – 100 blankets donated! And 40 of those blankets with up to Verona in South Frontenac for the displaced residents of a fire.

Our Team

Who we are

Jimmy Hassan

CCKF Founder and Director. - Franchise Owner of Pizza Pizza at: 705 277 Bath Road - Social Co-ordinator - Islamic Society of Kingston Cell: 613-888-6760 jimmyhassan@hotmail.com

Ian Sarfin

CCKF Organizer and the President of Kingston Jewish Council (www.jewishkingston.og) Originally from South Africa, Ian has been in Canada for 29 years and is very pleased to be part of the Kingston Community and involved in getting the CCKF launched and off the ground in Kingston

Mihaela Stancu

CCKF Organizer; Graphic / Web Designer at: stancudesign.com; Digital Artist at: www.artdigital.ca; Administrative Manager at: mariahealthyoga.com Tel: 613-766-8438 / Cell: 613-484-6901

Mohammad Haque

CCKF Organizer

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